We meet at 3.30pm every Sunday to sing, pray, and to explore the Way of Jesus as described in the Bible. Our podcast will soon be available to catch up on our recent teaching.



We gather as smaller communities across the city every week around the meal table. The table is a place for celebration and authenticity, great food and wine and laughter and banter and hurts and hopes and stories and depth. Sign up at our Table Groups page.


 Kids & Families.

Our Kids & Families team help us to grow in the Way of Jesus as families at Anchor, and to invest in the lives of kids across the city. We have kids work every Sunday, with crafts and songs and stories, as our kids pioneer before us into the beautiful, simple, laughter-drenched lifestyle of Jesus.



We love students at Anchor, and and growing connections both on various campuses and between students and the hurts of the city. Contact Will, our student pastor, to find out more.




If you would like to support Anchor Church financially you can do so on the Gas Street Church website’s giving page.

We will have our own giving page eventually but until then follow the link above and select Anchor from the drop down list.