About Us

Vision & Values


Everything we do at Anchor is shaped towards the flourishing of the city and beyond. This has always been the call on God’s people, and so we structure all of our energies towards this ends. We gather around three core values:

Table. We gather regularly and intentionally around the meal table in different areas across the city. Food brings people together, whatever their background or beliefs, to find a place of welcome and hospitality at the table. Table means belonging, authenticity, and doing life with others. The table is a place of depth and laughter, mess and beauty, tears and stories, old friendships and new connections, all gathered around a table full of good food. To find out more about a table near you, email us.

Creativity. God has inscribed purpose and potential into every single human being. We believe that God has created us to dream up creative solutions for the world around us. Church is a place where creative visionaries are unleashed, dreaming up solutions for the city into every sphere of life - education, social transformation, health, business, the arts, music, retail…. We don’t waste our time criticising the world around us, but we look to create a better reality.

Impossibility. All that we do we do in partnership with the living God, which means that we can always aim far above our own ability, intellect, education and resources. We intentionally pursue impossible dreams, making as much space as possible for the activity of God among us and for the voice of God to lead us.

For more information, send us an email or come and visit us on a Sunday.